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Adding texture and style to a home could be as simple as installing new baseboard to create an updated look without spending a fortune. New trends for this year include colors that offer a feeling of comfort and coziness in addition to spaces that feature plants, green colors, and bringing the outdoors in.

Wide baseboards can add depth to rooms and make a statement. Many homeowners install this trim in a dining room or living room. Rooms with light colored hardwood floors and light-colored walls will look amazing with dark trim and baseboard color. The wide baseboard allows even more color and texture and is a great option for older homes to hide flaws along the base of the wall. On the other hand, rooms that already feature drama like high ceilings, busy wallpaper, or chunky crown molding will look better with a simple style wide baseboard painted in a neutral white or cream color. The baseboard shouldn’t detract from other features in the room.

Another feature to add interest to home is natural flooring. People are looking at floors that come from sustainable materials and offer both durability and function. When installing dark flooring, a light-colored baseboard will help outline the space and add dimension. Natural light color like bamboo is a wonderful option for homeowners looking for less maintenance. A light color on the floor and a darker baseboard will be easier to clean for families with children and pets.

Baseboard also comes in a variety of styles and the overall look of the home will influence the trim used. Modern homes usually feature simple baseboard that has a clean look with straight lines. Older homes tend to look more natural with an ornate style baseboard with curves and detail. Homeowners who are in the process of remodeling need to take into consideration the age and style of the home before changing the baseboard trim. Make sure the baseboard adds value and doesn’t clash with the overall look of the home.

Although trends come and go, choosing the right baseboard for a home should stand the test of time. Homeowners are looking for comfort, practicality, and simplicity in all parts of their lives. Installing baseboard that not only makes a statement but also shows quality and elegance will add value to any home.