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Not having enough donors is the most significant and troubling issue that non-profits face across the United States. The number of non-profits in the U.S. a decade ago was estimated at 1.4 million. That number has jumped now to roughly 1.8 million—an increase of 28 percent over the past ten years.


Despite the increase, the number of households that donate to charity has dropped by 13 percent, equating to roughly 20 million families less than before. With the number of non-profits rising and the number of donors falling, a large problem underscores the need for making deep connections with current and potential donors. Digital fundraising can help.


Keeping fresh industry ideas at the forefront is the best way to remain up-to-date with the latest business trends and boost growth strategies. With old trends falling to the wayside in favor of newer ones, businesses need to stay alert and make changes where necessary. Paying attention to the following can help make sure your non-profit stays afloat.


Donation Page 

Having a donation page is paramount in a digital world, but businesses also need to boost conversion rates on their donation page. Branding and customizing the page can help with this, as well as entice new and repeat donors.



Keep your donation page simple by only requesting necessary information from potential donors. Since over 65% of donor traffic uses a mobile device, creating a mobile-friendly experience will help optimize conversion rates. 


Donor Types

When making your page, list different donation tiers that clarify the impact of any contributions made. By being specific in what their money is toward and including a reoccurring donation option at checkout, you can not only encourage someone to pick a higher-priced tier, but also convince them to turn it into a monthly payment.


Ditch the Gala Model

An unGala has a much higher return on investment. This is a peer-to-peer campaign that conducted entirely online. Offering online events, such as livestreams, that allow donors to attend from the comfort of their homes can provide extra, successful fundraising opportunities to take advantage of.


Whether a business is conducting a one-time event or an ongoing campaign, amplifying online efforts is a must.